Kanile’a ‘Ukulele – Build Your Own ‘Ukulele App

Kanile’a ‘Ukulele is a leading provider of quality custom made ‘ukulele in Hawai’i. Kanile’a ‘Ukulele hired Team Vision to develop a new web site designed to enhance the company’s online brand. The site is feature rich with a full e-commerce store featuring hundreds of products from ‘ukulele to accessories.  At the client’s request, we also developed a custom Build Your Own ‘ukulele feature that gives customers the option to pick and choose each component of their custom ‘ukulele from neck style to body wood to special inlays.

Good web site design and development requires listening to our clients’ needs and developing custom solutions to help them achieve their goals. This Build Your Own ‘ukulele web app puts the controls in the hands of the online customers, allowing them to pick and choose every custom option available for their ‘ukulele — all while seeing what each feature update looks like in real time. In the past, customers had to look at examples of various features and options on different ‘ukulele, and then place their custom order without really knowing what the final product would look like. This new Build Your Own app solves that problem by allowing the user to interchange hundreds of different feature combinations while seeing exactly what those features will look like in combination with each other.  Developed by Team Vision, a Hawaii advertising and marketing agency, this Build Your Own app sets a new standard for online ‘ukulele purchasing. View the live build your own site here and try it out!

Listen to what the owner, Joe Souza, has to say about working with Team Vision.

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Kanilea Ukulele Web Site

Client:  Kanilea Ukulele

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