Castle & Cooke Hawaii Corporate Holiday Video

Each year, the Team Visio Marketing team has the pleasure of working with Castle & Cooke Hawaii on their annual holiday video. We collaborate on the initial concept with the client and then write, film, produce and edit the final video which is ultimately distributed on various marketing channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and via e-newsletter distribution.  This year, we pulled out all the stops as the Castle & Cooke team search for Santa at Dole Plantation. We hope you enjoy it!

This year’s Holiday Video opens with dramatic drone shots of the elusive Santa exploring  the entry to Dole Plantation. Throughout the video, Santa keeps barely slipping through the fingertips of the Castle & Cooke Hawaii team. They finally track Santa down at the world-famous Pineapple Maze, finding him in the heart of the botanical labyrinth. After Santa passes out congratulatory hugs and high fives, it’s time for the team to say farewell as Santa makes his way back to the North Pole. This grand holiday adventure concludes with an epic unveiling of the Pineapple Maze at night, decked out in Christmas lights and giant presents as Santa flies out on his sleigh.

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Here’s Harry Saunders, President of Castle & Cooke Hawaii, on his experience working with Team Vison Marketing.

Campaign Details

Title: Castle & Cooke Hawaii Corporate Holiday Video (2019)
Clients:  Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii

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