Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Integrated Marketing Campaign

Located on Maui’s renowned Kaanapali North Beach, Honua Kai Resort and Spa is a luxury condominium resort offering  studio, 1,2 and 3-bedroom suites with first-class hotel services.    Team Vision Marketing is the full-service advertising and marketing agency for Honnua Kai Resort & Spa and responsible for all aspects of marketing from photography, print advertising and collateral design to web design, social media management and online marketing programs.   Since Team Vision has started working with this client, they have seen ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) results over 2,000 percent.   Featured below are a few examples of the recent work we have done for Honua Kai Resort & Spa in the areas of print advertising and online marketing.


Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Photo Shoot

From initial shot concepts and model selections to location scouting, wardrobe and art direction, Team Vision Marketing handled all the finer details of this Honua Kai Resort & Spa photo shoot.  For this  shoot,  a variety of high quality  lifestyle, rooms and amenities photographs were captured which now server as the foundation for  a series of new magazine, web site, and online marketing campaigns.


Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Print Ads

Utilizing the fresh, new lifestyle photography captured from the photo shoot, Team Vision develops ongoing national advertising campaigns designed to promote the Honua Kai Resort & Spa brand, and also to advertise seasonal offers and promotions such as the annual Whale Adoption Adventure package features here which runs in the fall and winter.   Advertisements run in consumer and travel trade publications targeting Honua Kai’s key markets in the US, Canada, Europe and beyond.  All advertising is carefully tracked and monthly report analysis meetings are conducted to determine which publications are most effective and where adjustments may need to be made.


Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Web Site Refresh

In addition to immediately refreshing their logo design and developing new creative for their online and offline advertising campaigns, we also recommended a full web site refresh in order to bring the web site inline with the new branding.  Team Vision Marketing utilized the existing web site and CMS tools and worked on updating to the new logo, adding new hero sliders and new lifestyle images throughout the site, full web site copy updates to incorporate our new messaging, new landing page designs and more.  During the refresh process, Team Vision also implemented keyword optimizations and SEO enhancement strategies. Visit the HonuaKai web site.


Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Social Media Campaigns

When we began our partnership with Honua Kai Resort & Spa, the client indicated a strong desire  to explore new programs and opportunities with an emphasis on online marketing to reach new markets.  The sponsored social media programs showcased here was designed to reach Honua Kai’s key target markets in a soft-sell “Maui Lifestyle” approach on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and other online platforms.  This online marketing campaign was integrated with new Pay-Per-Click, Re-marketing, and Search Engine Marketing programs managed by Team Vision.


Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Online Banner Ads & Pay Per Click

One of the major benefits of working with Team Vision Marketing is that we have proven expertise in both traditional advertising campaigns and online marketing programs including re-targeting programs, PPC, search engine optimization(SEO) and social media management.  The banner ads shown here are part of a comprehensive integrated online marketing program we manage for Honua Kai Resort & Spa.  Impressions, click-throughs and revenues generated are tracked for all initiatives.  Visit the HonuaKai web site.


Campaign details

Honua Kai Integrated Campaign

Client:  Honua Kai Resort

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Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Enewsletters

Another piece of the integrated marketing puzzle is direct online marketing programs. Utilizing client databases as well as data lists from travel publications we partner with, we are able to distribute and carefully track e-newsletters to pre-qualified lists or travelers inclined to visit Maui. Making sure the look and messaging of the e-newsletters is consistent with our overall print and online marketing campaigns is key.  In addition, thoroughly tracking open rates, click-throughs and conversions provides us with critical insight into our customers and markets.

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