Honua Kai Resort & Spa – Social Media & Online Marketing Campaign

Located on Maui’s renowned Kaanapali North Beach, Honua Kai Resort and Spa is a luxury condominium resort offering 1-3 bedroom suites with first-class hotel services. The Resort is located directly on Ka’anapali North Beach which provides for endless summer fun, along with the resort’s 38-acre aquatic playground.  You don’t have to be a celebrity to stay at Honua Kai, you’ll just feel like one.

Never underestimate the value of a good headline in your social media posts. When we advise clients on social media marketing strategy, we recommend professional photography that’s engaging, a thought-provoking headline, and a well thought out call-to-action.  Oftentimes, the “book now” or “buy now”  button is the only call to action you need if your visuals and copy are engaging enough. In these ads for example, you don’t  really need to know much more than what’s in the image to make your purchase decision. You know it’s a luxury resort, you know it’s family friendly, you know it’s on Ka’anapali Beach (hint: it’s in the logo)… and you just know you want to stay there. Add a “Book Now” button, and at the very least, the viewer is going to click the “Book Now” to check out the offer. Contact us to learn more about how our online marketing programs consistently produce over 2,000% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for our clients.  View Team Vision’s full online marketing and advertising portfolio here: www.www.teamvision.com/portfolio and check out some of our other creative work.

Hear from Dolly Moreno, Director of Sales & Marketing at Honua Kai Resort & Spa, on her experience working with Team Vision.

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Honua Kai Social Media Ads

Client:  Honua Kai Resort

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