Koa Ridge Art Mural Community Event

To finalize and dedicate the 480ʻ Koa Ridge community art mural, the current homeowners and the Castle & Cooke staff were invited to stamp their handprints on the final mural.   This is all part of a program to integrate community, art, music, and culture throughout Koa Ridge.  The intimate event was a huge success among the homeowners who brought their families and pets to participate in the event. In addition to handprints, we wound up stamping babyʻs feet onto the mural and even a few dog prints.  Homeowners and employees were invited in different time slots throughout the day in order to maintain smaller, socially distanced groups.   Here is a video recap of the events.

Here’s what Harry Saunders, President of Castle & Cooke Hawaii, says about his experiences working with Team Vision Marketing for all of their needs.

Campaign Details

Koa Ridge Community Event Video

Client: Castle & Cooke Hawai’i

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