One Koa Tree for Every Home Sold Program

Koa Ridge is Castle & Cooke’s new Surban real estate development located in Central O’ahu. This master-planned community of approximately 3,500 new homes is where Hawai’i families can enjoy sustainable urban living blended with the serenity and comforts of a suburban location.

To support Castle & Cooke’s sustainable vision for Koa Ridge, Team Vision facilitated the development of the “One Koa Tree for Every Home Sold” program with the non-profit organization, Saving Hawaii’s Forests. As part of this program, for each new home sold,  a Koa tree is planted in the homeowners’ name and that tree will live out its life in a native Hawaiian forest. Each homeowner will receive a tree sponsorship certificate that will include the type of tree planted and its GPS coordinates so that the sponsors can view their tree online.

For the First Koa Ridge Homeowners’ Move-in Event, we created and presented the following short video showing the very first Koa tree being planted in the Castle & Cooke “One Koa Tree for Every Home Sold” program. This tree was dedicated to the first homeowners at an intimate First Koa Ridge homeowners move-in event.

Here’s Bruce Barrett, former Executive V.P. of Castle & Cooke Hawaii, on his experiences working with Team Vision Marketing Agency.

Campaign Details

Title: One Koa Tree for Every Home Sold Program
Clients:  Castle & Cooke Hawai’i

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