The Village at Koa Ridge Brand Statement Sign

Koa Ridge will be Castle & Cooke Hawaii’s largest master-planned real estate development since the award-winning community of Mililani.  Located in Central O’ahu, Koa Ridge will provide approximately 3,500 new homes for Hawai’i families.  Team Vision Marketing handles the the full suite of advertising and marketing services for Koa Ridge, including branding, print and digital advertising, social media marketing, web design, sales office and sign design, and more.

The heart and soul of Koa Ridge will be “The Village,” a community hub that will include a large lawn for entertainment and events, shopping, dining, and service venues.  The client tasked us with designing and producing a statement sign that was not a typical dust screen sign or mural that you see at most real estate developments. Our team came up with this lifestyle brand concept which features images portraying various aspects of what life will be like at the future Village.  Also incorporated into to the design is the community’s core brand visual, the koa tree. In this instance, we used the word “Grow” from the tagline “Live, Grow, Thrive” to communicate that this is where residents will come together as a community to grow.  This creative design is 40 feet wide by 9 feet high and incorporates a stepped pattern using various heights to make the sign more visually appealing. There is also a dimensional element added where the Koa tree appears to grow out of the top of the sign and toward the sky.  View more of our advertising, graphic design, web design, social media, and digital marketing portfolio items in our PORTFOLIO. 

Hear from Harry A. Saunders, President of Castle & Cooke Hawaii, on his experience working with Team Vision.

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Koa Ridge Village Statement Sign

Client: Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii

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