Logo Design – Pu’u Pehe Place on the Island of Lana’i

Pu’u Pehe Place is an ultra-luxury real estate community on the south side of the Island of Lanai, Hawaii.  Team Vision was challenged to research the area’s history and ahupua’a and to develop the community names, theme stories, branding and logo designs for five luxury real estate communities at Manele.  For this particular community that we named Pu’u Pehe Place, the logomark mirrors the great rock of Pu’u Pehe (aka Sweetheart Rock), a world-famous natural landmark that has become synonymous with the area of Manele, Lanai and its brand.

The legend of  Pu’u Pehe on Lana’i:  According to the legend, Pu’u Pehe was a beautiful young girl who tragically drowned in a sea cave near Manele Bay.  Her lover, with the help of the gods, carried her lifeless body through treacherous currents to the summit of what is now Pu’u Pehe Rock. Reaching the top, he buried Pu’u Pehe under the ruins of an ancient bird shrine. After intense mourning, he jumped to his death – joining her in eternity as they had been in life.

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Pu’u Pehe Place Logo Design

Client:  Pu’u Pehe Place

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