Honua Kai – Snapchat Filters

Team Vision Marketing recommended Honua Kai Resort & Spa design and publish a series of fun and engaging Snapchat filters in order to reach the younger generation of their resort guests as well as the ever increasing older generations now embracing Snapchat usage. We initially designed five filter concepts that included everything from simple postcard concepts to more interactive filter designs.The younger generations (primarily Millennials and Gen X) love to use local geo-filters on Snapchat to share their experiences in a fun and creative way. If you need help setting up Snapchat on-demand filters for your business, give us a call at 808-536-0416, or email us at info@www.teamvision.com.

Team Vision designed a series of Snapchat filters which incorporate fun graphics and the Honua Kai Resort & Spa brand.

How Snapchat Geo-filters for Business Work:  Team Vision Marketing provides you with a variety of Snapchat filter design concepts.  You pick the ones you like best, and we will publish them for you.  Next, you have a few options regarding the length of time your filter can run.  You can publish a filter for just a few hours (i.e. for a wedding), a few days (i.e. for a conference or event) or for a month. You also have the option to publish for a full-year which gets you discounted rates and detailed reporting metrics. Next, we set up a geo-fence around your location. Snapchat uses this to then show Snapchat users your geo-filter options to those users who are within your geo-fence.  Now, when users take a snap photo at your location, they then have the ability to swipe right to add your filter to their photo. They then share that branded photo with the world through their Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram accounts.  You receive massive viral brand exposure at a minimal cost.

Hear from Dolly Moreno, Director of Sales & Marketing at Honua Kai Resort & Spa, on her experience working with Team Vision.

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Honua Kai – Snapchat Filters

Client:  Honua Kai

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